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General FAQ:

Which Operating system does Insta Playout and Insta WebTV supports?

Insta Playout supports Windows 7 and Windows 10(64 bit) Operating System.

Insta WebTV supports Windows 7, windows 10 and Windows server(64 bit) Operating System.

What is the difference between Insta Playout and Insta WebTV?

Insta Playout gives Blackmagic Decklink card output and RTMP stream out through Adobe FMLE.

Insta WebTV gives only RTMP stream out through Adobe FMLE.

Compare the features from the below link

What is the system requirements for Insta Playout and Insta WebTV?

• i7 processor or equivalent

• 16GB RAM

• Graphics card

How to give write permission to INDYTEK folder?

Right click Indytek folder in c:>program files> indytek

Select properties>security> Group or user names> User PC> EDIT> Users>

Permission for users> Click on write and apply.

Refer the PDF manual from the below link

Will Insta software supports MAC Operating System?

No. Insta software will not support MAC OS. It works only in Windows operating system.

License FAQ

How the license will be delivered?

LIC file has to be generated from your System with the License key generator we send through email after your payment. After receiving the LIC file we will mail you the full license setup file. Usually it will take maximum of two hours time for this to complete. But as we are based out of India, there might be delay due to the difference in time.

Does the license get expired?

The license is for life time. The support and updates is free for one year from the date of purchase.

Can I change the license to other system if my installed system has problem?

Yes. If you need to change the license to other system we will help you to do it. Mail us at the time of change.

Can I run multiple channels with single license?

Yes. With single license multiple channel can be created.

Playback FAQ:

Which Format does it support?

Insta playout and Insta WebTV supports all major file format like AVI, MOV, MKV, MPEG1, MPEG2, MP2, MP4, VOB, H.264, MXF, DV, DVCPRO.

Will it support mixed files in the playlist?

Yes. It support different file format in the same playlist.

Can we trim a clip?

Yes. Video clips can be trimmed.

Can we split a clip?

Clip can be split as segment and with duration.

Does it support 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio?

Yes. It will support both.

Does it support SD/HD/2K/4K format?

Yes. It supports all formats.

I am not able to see the interface fully. Some buttons are missing?

Increase the desktop screen resolution to 1280X720 or more. In lower screen resolution the interface gets overlapped.

Is it possible to add image files in the playlist?

Yes. Image file of different format can be added in the playlist and can be able to set the duration of each file.

How do I see the log report of the played clips?

A LOG report of played clips is stored as TXT file. This file is saved in c:\program files\indytek\insta log

Can we add TRANSITION effect in the playlist?

Yes transition effect can be added.

Output FAQ:

Which output card does Insta Playout supports?

Insta Playout supports all Blackmagic Decklink Cards.

Why my Decklink card is not listed in the output setting window?

Give write permission to indytek folder in c:\ program files\indytek as user.

Right click Indytek folder in c:>program files> indytek

Select properties>security> Group or user names> User PC> EDIT> Users> Permission for users> Click on write and apply.

Refer the PDF manual from the below link

How do I assign Decklink cards for two different channels?

For each Insta Playout application different Decklink card can be assigned in the output setting window.

Does it support WebRTC?


Input FAQ:

Which Input card does Insta Playout supports?

Insta Playout and Insta WebTV support all Blackmagic Decklink cards web camera and all direct show supported devices.

Can we add Web camera as Input source?


Can we select VMix as Input source?

Yes. Using NDI VMIX source as be added as input.

Stream FAQ:

Will Insta support Adobe FMLE?

Yes. Insta Playout and Insta WebTV create a virtual device called INSTA DEVICE. This Insta Device is supported as input in Adobe FMLE to stream in RTMP.

How to get Adobe FMLE?

Adobe FMLE is a free application from Adobe. It can be downloaded from their website.

Can we steam to YouTube and face book?

Yes. We can stream the channel to YouTube and Face book?

What type of output stream it supports?

RTMP, RTSP, UDP and Windows media streaming.

I get BAD STREAM error while adding YouTube or other stream?

Some secured YouTube URL and LIVE YouTube URL is not supported in Insta.

What type of Input stream it supports?

It supports YouTube URL, RTMP and HLS stream.


Is the software supports NDI?

Yes. Insta supports NDI out and NDI input.

Can we connect insta Playout and Insta Web TV out with VMix, OBS, and Wire cast?

Yes. Using NDI Insta Playout, VMIX, OBS and Wire Cast can be connected.

Schedule FAQ:

Do Insta Playout and Insta WebTV support Schedule features?

Yes. It has schedule features.

Does it support schedule for a week or a month?

Yes. Schedule can be created for a week or a month.

Trial FAQ:

What’s the limitation of trial version?

Trial version has all the features with demo watermark over the video output.

How do I download the trial version?

Trial can be downloaded from the website.


Is it possible to put digital clock in the CG?


Will it supports animated sequence?

Yes. Its supports animated TGA, TIF sequence.

Will it support flash animation?


Can we auto ON/OFF the CG LOGO in the playlist?

Yes. CG can auto ON/OFF in the playlist.

Can we create CG playlist?


Does it support multi layer CG/TITLE?

Yes. Multi layer CG can be created.

Payment FAQ:

What is your payment method?

Insta Software can be purchased from our website through PayPal.

Direct Wire Transfer can also be accepted. Mail us for the details.

How long will it take to send full license version after making the payment?

Usually this will take one or two hours. We are based in India. Sometimes due to time difference it will take some more time.

How do I resell your products?

We have reseller program. Mail us for more details.

Support FAQ:

Do we get remote access support?

Yes. Mail us if you need remote access support.

How long will I get support and update?

Support and update is free for one year.

How frequent do I get the update?

Once in two month.

Do you have SKYPE support?

Yes. Our SKYPE ID is sales. Indytek

Other FAQ:

Do you offer customized white label OEM application?


Do you supply turnkey system?

No. We only provide softwares.